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DskGaming Homepage

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Games we Play

>DSK< has continued to grow in members and games played since it’s founding. We have played in Firefall, playing Warframe, League of Legends, The Division, Star Citizen, World of War(all 3), Star Trek Online, Planetside 2, Star Wars: the Old Republic, TERA, Eve: Online, Empyrion Galactic Survial, Fortnite, Paragon, Elite Dangerous and Conan Exiles. While we have members in many games, we maintain one common goal, to have fun.  Become a Star Citizen @RobertsSpaceInd and get 5,000 free Credits. Heres your Referral code

Games >DSK< Follows

We here at >DSK< are looking forward to many games coming in the near future. Here are just a few Games >DSK< will be dominating in the near future.  Anthem, Ashes Of Creation, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Cyberpunk2077, Em8er just to name a few. So stay informed by clicking on the the game links listed above. If you have any suggestions on games we can all share in, join our discord and be a game informer.


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If you find a cool new update, guide or info about a particular game you are playing; Add it to it’s channel!! The goal is to create a community powered bot assisted game info hub on upcoming games, and games we already play. If you find a new game you’d like posted, please post it in the official DSK discord’s #Interesting Finds channel, or let us know personally.

Star Citizens that have joined the universe 2.709,901

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailer

Find out what the Space Monkeys and dev team have been up to!