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Hello >DSK<Anarchyburger,

Thank you, and Congratulations,

I would like to offer you to join our Affiliate program where you can earn money by inviting other customers to our website:

Meaning: Free games for your members.

They need to access it using your personal affiliate link that you can send them (Left and right hand side and above). The first level of earnings is 5% of every transaction. The second level, when another person joins our Affiliate program by using your link, gives you 0.75% earnings. The third one, when someone else registers using this new person’s link, gives you 0.25%.

You can find your Affiliate link by entering the Affiliate tab on your dashboard -> banners & links. Here is how it should look like:


What is more, we can create a 3% personalized code for you that you can give to the people that visit your website so that they can use it in our store.

We can offer as well to create a banner for you that you can put on your website/ social media. It will contain your name or nick, as well as your discount code. If you’re interested, please reply to this message and mention the nick to put on the banner, or if you prefer to have just your name there. When we get that information, we will be able to create it for you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us..

Best regards,


With best regards,

Partners & Affiliate Department

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