Warframe Founder Discussion

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So I usually dismiss the rumors but the idea of adding Excal Prime and his prime gear back in got me thinking.When I first started Warframe just after closed beta the Founder’s program was extended to allow more players that got in via Steam to get a chance to get the Founders pack as well. I enjoy WF and regret not having gotten that Excalibur Prime, King of all Frames. Now of course it would be absurd imo to just allow players to buy the Founders prime items in combinations like Prime Access for a limited time, they did it for Frost Prime and certainly not Solar Landmark and Design Council inclusion. That would be insane and unfair to Founders (Hazrik) since the prime items were promised exclusive just like prime syandanas and sentinel accessories if I remember correctly.

So what I wanted to propose is for DE to present the possibility for only a specific group (DSK) of WF players to buy Founders prime item pack(s) for a limited time.

DSK what are your thoughts?excalibur_p_fl_13.4.1

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