Dark And Light DSKgaming server Available for all members

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Greetings DSK Members,

Anarchyburger Here, We have a server available for all DSk members. Come join us in channel and in game on your DSKgaming Dark and Light server. Listed below on how to find Bergerserver in game. 

Copy the following IP to your servers list on steam. Bergerserver (v100.7896) by SnailGames. No Password required.
Jump In Game and Play online
Select The Sacred Path
Join Bergerserver and enjoy the long loading Wait time.
Before creating your charactor pick Vardo if you would like to be apart of the Human world. Joiin Estel to join the Elvish life style. Join Zaharul the Dwarvish community if you would like to took up to people.
Welcome to DSK’s Bergerserver. Enjoy your stay.
You to can Tame epic creatures. Mount up DSK!                                                                                                                                             

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http://discord.gg/xCEzGpD   Join us in channel

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