DSK Lore Makers Guide Competition Due Febuary 7th 2017

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DSK Reminder                                    Due on Febuary 7th 2017

Calling out All DSK member,

New competition Update for all DSK members. I’m looking for some lore for DSK and it must be a Sci-fi based story on how DSK came into existence. I will provide the content in a time line listed below. The winner of this competition will receiver one of the follower for StarCitizen:

Lore makers Up date with Add-ons

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Main Points and tips:

  1. Outline:
    It doesn’t matter if this is just a few words or a couple of paragraphs, but first and foremost you should decide on is the who/what/where/why/when, and slowly expand from there.
  2. Research:
    This is important; your character is DSK and its members.  Make sure you know the past of where it’s from, what race it’s from, even the class. You’d be surprised how many different ways you could roleplay a DSK as Guild,  just on the basis of race.
  3. The Guild:
    Is the DSK a huge Guild, are they orphans, are they part of a branch house. Try to figure this out as you set up your character as DSK’s history will be incredibly important. Was your mother a mighty warrior? Was your father a drunk? Are DSK members still alive or are they dead? Try to set this up as you create the outline.
  4. Reasons:
    Why does DSK do this? Why does DSK do that? Just having a proud and prideful Paladin is no good if you can’t give a solid reason for it. Make sure there is a reason for everything we does, and try to keep it more then just “Because I said so/Because we feels like this.” The better fleshed out your character is, the more the others will want to interact with the guild.
  5. Other Guild Members:
    As some of you know, I Anarchyburger99 and Gen _tugboat are founders as well as many other members listed on the website. Listed here. There are alot of different roles, so please keep members in order by mentioning them in detail. This is very important as it can keep confusion down to a certain point.
  6. Lore Figures:
    This is something you have to be very careful about. I know it sounds like fun to decide to have yourself being the Member of DSK, but refrain from this, it can really kill your like-ability and…. well would stop some people from wanting to RP with you. I’d also becareful of connecting yourself to certain Lore figures as well, though I do know that some ranks; like the Warlord and the Prime Paladin etc have a great connection with their leaders, while certain characters, like recuit, are well known throughout the entire Organization, with Whisky Storm Core being in Alliance.
  7. Accept Criticism:
    I know no one wants to hear that their Lore makes no sense, or there seems to be a problem with a part of the background. Listen to what others are telling you, and think about it; you would be surprised by how input from other’s can really help you make the story better to polish.
  8. Nothing is Set In Stone:
    I and other guild members will personally go over your take on DSK lore. During the course of writing a story actually got 30 odd pages done, realized suddenly that I screwed up something massively and scrapped it to rebuild from the beginning. Good Luck DSK Members. Competion must be subbmit by January 4 Winners will be announce through out that week.

Time line Content: Please see attachment

dsk-lore-content-pdf upload your lore content here

Thank you ahead of time and good luck to all DSK members.

Anarchyburger99 out. Jump in Discord for more information Discord Channel

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