General Information


I am Anarchyburger, Co-leader with Gen_Tugboat. Gen_Tugboat founded the Death Squad Killers(>DSK<) gaming group September 14th, 2013 other founders like Ghobb, Atsiv, Frag founded >DSK< while playing the game Firefall. >DSK< has continued to grow in members and games played since it’s founding. We have players in Firefall, Warframe, League of Legends, The Division, Star Citizen, World of War(all 3), Star Trek Online, Planetside 2, Star Wars: the Old Republic, TERA and Eve: Online. While we have members in many games, we maintain one common goal, to have fun.


We are here to have fun above all. It doesn’t matter what game you play or want to play or have played, >DSK< is social gaming group there for its members. We aren’t trying to be the biggest or the best, but the right fit for our community members!


Think you want to be part of >DSK<? We are looking for like minded mature gamers, that are there to have fun and pitch in. While these are the principles we strive to embody, that doesn’t mean we are good fit for you or you a good fit for us. A positive attitude goes along way, we not only look to benefit our members, but also have them benefit us. To that end we currently use Discord to communicate no matter what games we all maybe playing.

Official DSK Protocol for recruiting

1: Ask for an age; All DSK members MUST BE 18+, we are an adult gaming community. 2: Find out if they have a headset/speakers. While they are not required to talk, members must be able to join in on voice chat. 3: Find out if they want to join a “Gaming Community(group)” NOT Clan/Guild 4: Direct them to the website to sign up, make sure that their username is the same as discord, and that they have edited their profile page. 5: Direct new members to the rules, and point out segment 7 specificly. @Wizard @Admin Will supply 5 use discord invites into this channel. If it needs refreshed ask for a new one in #brass-text. » Have the member introduce them selves in the channel » 14 days of active chatting and participation with dsk earns the roll of full @Member » Initiates that participate often and are outstanding with DSK are to be marked with the @Initiate Elite roll

                                               If you have questions please ask an admin or wizard

General Community Guidelines

Treat your community members with respect.

We are all playing games to have fun, try not to ruin that for other community members.

Harassment will NOT be tolerated.

It is one thing to give your friend a hard time, it is a completely different thing to harass/intimidate another community member.

Cheating is NOT tolerated.

Using bots, exploits, or cheats in a game cheapens the experience for all involved. If you are reported to the community officers for cheating in a game, corrective action will be taken.

Please do NOT talk over others while in Discord.

We understand that when there are groups of people in the same channel, being talked over or talking over someone will happen. What we will NOT tolerate is someone who does this with intent and repeatedly. Everyone has the RIGHT to be heard in this community.

No political or religious discussions in Discord.

Our community is built by many different people. Some have the same beliefs and political views and others have vastly different ones. We know this can lead to arguments and heated debates. These things can damage the integrity of our relationship as a community; therefore these conversation will not be allowed in the general channels. If you and another member must have one of these conversations, move to a channel that is not in use by other members. Then have your discussion with the understanding that the officers will not interfere unless another rule was broken (ie. harassment).

Pay it forward.

>DSK< is built on helping each other out. We have no problem sharing hard to find or costly items the games we play; so if you can help an other community members please do. On the same note, if you don’t need the item that was shared with you, pass it on or return it to the member who shared it.


Being part of the community you have access to our site and forums and if that is all that you want to do, great! However Discord is a requirement for in game community activities, you do not need a mic, you just need to be able to hear!!

Discord Server:
Port: N/A
Password: N/A